Video: What is CAN Bus Technology?

This video covers the network layered model, CAN characteristics, message types, message formats, and error detection capabilities.

AP560A: Isolated CAN Bus Interface AcroPack Module

AcroPack 560A CAN Bus Module

The AcroPack Series AP560A provides four isolated CAN version 2.0B channels capable of 1Mb/s bit rate. The AP560A can be configured to support ARINC 825 and CANaerospace standards. Each channel has a Holt H13111 CAN controller with an ADM3053 transceiver. The advantage of this design is that it has the ability to transmit, receive and perform message filtering on extended and standard messages. This AcroPack module will mate directly to all Acromag AcroPack carriers. Once installed on the carrier, the module is accessed via a front panel connector.

IP560: CAN Bus Interface Industry Pack Module

Industry Pack IP560 CAN Bus Module

The Industrial I/O Pack (IP) Series IP560 module is a 16-bit, high density, single size IP, with the capability to interface to two Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B channels. The IP560 utilizes state of the art Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) to achieve its high channel density. Four units may be mounted on a 6U VME or CompactPCI carrier board to provide up to 8 CAN channels per bus system slot or 10 CAN channels per PCI bus (PC) system slot.

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