VPX4810 End of Life Notice

Important Field Notice

Key components used on these products are now no longer available in the marketplace. As a result, Acromag has elected to End-Of-Life these products. Please consider this official field notification that Acromag is discontinuing the sale of these models due to EOL parts effective today. No last-time-buy opportunity will be offered. Alternative products are listed below.

EOL Models: VPX4810-LF, VPX4810-CC-LF, VPX4810-REDI-LF, ACR5305, ACR5305-CC, ACR5479, ACR5570

Alternative Models: VPX4812A-LF, VPX4812A-CC-LF, VPX4812A-REDI-LF, VPX4814A-LF, VPX4814A-CC-LF, VPX4814A-REDI-LF

Download the full End-of-Life Official Notice here.

To discuss potential replacement products, please contact your regional sales manager or an application engineer. If you have any other questions regarding this announcement, please call the sales department at 248-295-0310 or email [email protected].