Universal 4-wire Transmitters: TT330 Video

The TT330 Series universal 4-wire transmitters is a line of space-saving, USB-configured, thin process transmitters and isolators offering great flexibility. In addition to universal current/voltage output, these four-wire isolated signal conditioners offer 12-32V DC isolated power. Easy connections and maintenance as a result of DIN-Rail mounts and removable, front-facing wiring terminals.

Setup and calibration are fast and easy due to a convenient USB connection to your PC and Acromag’s Windows® configuration software. The tethered Agility™ Android app further enables easy setup with mobile devices.

Click on the video below to learn more about the highlights of the TT350 series in brief.

TT330 Series Universal 4-wire Transmitters Features & Benefits

  • Inputs:
    • TT333: Thermocouple/milliVolt Input
    • TT334: Potentiometer/Thermistor Input
    • TT335: RTD Isolated Input
    • TT336: Current/milliVolt Input
    • TT337: Low-Voltage Input
    • TT338: High-Voltage Input
    • TT339: Frequency/Pulse Input
  • Easy configuration due to USB with Windows software or Agility app for Android
  • Sinking and Sourcing Current Output
  • Bipolar Output: +/-10V, +/-20mA
  • High Speed/High Filter Units
  • Redundant Power
  • 25 G Shock as well as 4 G Vibration
  • 1500V AC Isolation
  • Wide ambient temperature range, therefore ensuring a reliable performance from -40 to +80°C operation
  • CE Compliant: Designed for UL/Cul Class I Div 2 Groups ABCD, ATEX / Iecex Zone 2

View the Acromag TT Series page for further information.