Rugged Small Form Factor Embedded Computer: ARCX1100 Video

The ARCX1100 is a customizable-off-the-shelf (COTS), SWaP-C optimized, deployable computing solution. This rugged, small form factor (SFF) embedded computer is designed for a variety of defense and industrial applications. The modular platform combines a carrier card hosting a COM Express Type 10 CPU and a mix of AcroPack I/O modules to support a variety of communication, monitoring and control functions; as a result, it offers maximum flexibility. Front ports offer easy access to gigabit Ethernet, USB, video, as well as COM signals. The ARCX1100 also has high-density connectors to simplify interfacing field signals.

Click on this video to learn more about the ARCX1100 Rugged Small Form Factor Embedded Computer

More About the ARCX1100

Typical applications for the SFF computer include deployable systems such as: vetronics, C4ISR, payload management, as well as command and control for drones and robotics. The ARCX1100 has the ability to add A/D, D/A, discrete I/O, RS-232/485, CAN bus, Ethernet, FPGA, MIL-STD-1553, and other signal interfaces, therefore making it perfect as a portable communication system. Additionally, using AcroPack plug-in I/O modules provides a more rugged alternative to mini PCIe modules that eliminates the need for internal cables. More than 25 AcroPack models are available to meet your I/O requirements.

Key Features of the ARCX1100 SFF Embedded Computer

  • Intel Atom COM Express Type 10 module (Apollo Lake)
  • Four AcroPack / mini PCIe slots which also accommodate field I/O
  • Ports available:
    • Four field I/O 68-pin CHAMP
    • Two GbE RJ45 ports
    • Mini-DisplayPort
    • Two USB 3.0 ports
    • Two COM RS232 ports
  • One M.2 site
  • One SATA connector
  • Wide ambient temperature range, therefore ensuring a reliable performance from -40 to 71°C
  • Wide-range DC input power with redundancy

Lastly, be sure to view the ARCX1100 product page for more information.