Data Logging: multiLogger App Now Available on Android!

The Acromag microBlox® multiLogger app allows data logging from up to 14 Acromag microBlox signal conditioning devices simultaneously.

Download the multiLogger application free of charge from the Google Play Store (Android). Or get it at the Apple® App Store® at (Apple iOS).

Click on the video below to learn more about the multiLogger in brief.

multiLogger Data Logging Features

  • Collect data from one or more uB series data acquisition modules
  • Log data from up to 14 microBlox signal conditioning devices simultaneously
  • Scale inputs in custom engineering units to correspond with the native output range
  • Quick field diagnostics and easy troubleshooting due to real-time data and trend charts
  • Save logs and share via email or iCloud
  • Download on either iTunes or Google Play

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Acromag microBlox: Evolutionary & Revolutionary Signal Conditioners

Acromag’s microBlox uB Series I/O modules offer a compact, high-performance solution for interfacing sensors and field devices with data acquisition systems. uB signal conditioning modules are ideal to isolate, filter, convert and amplify a wide variety of signal types for test, measurement and control systems. Just plug uB modules into 4, 8, or 16-channel backpanels in any mix for a high-density analog I/O interface. Channel-to-channel isolation provides optimal noise and surge protection from ground loops, spikes, and high common mode voltages.

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