Flow Meter Pulse or Analog Signals

Twin Totalizers Send Your Flow Meter Pulse or Analog Signals to the Network for Metering or IIoT Remote Monitoring

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales Manager

Flow Meter Pulse or Analog Signals

Many applications call for converting flow meter pulse or analog DC current signals to an Ethernet network to extend the remote monitoring and control application. In the age of energy management for process, manufacturing, and BAS, there is an increasing need for organizations to not only record and manage energy/water usage, but also sub-meter it. Thus making an Ethernet transmitter with totalizer function essential.

16-channel Discrete I/O with Counter/timers to Modbus TCP/IP Transmitters: 989EN

For flow meters with pulse output, Acromag’s 989EN-4016 transmitters are widely used for I&C, remote monitoring, and sub-metering applications. A popular application of university power plant steam cost calculations is achieved by sending pulsed outputs from flow meters to the 989EN, with discrete inputs and signal counters configured to totalize/convert to digital data. It is then sent over the campus network to the central control room data historian.

Other applications using the 989EN-4016 discrete outputs for limit alarms and control include; water usage sub-metering, liquid filling, and transfer processes. Accordingly, the 989EN-4016 is a versatile, value-priced solution for Ethernet 16-channel discrete I/O with counter/timer in the US market.

Customers appreciate the user-friendly built-in web browser configuration software tool, along with the ability to remote in over the internet. 989EN-4016 transmitters have eight configurable counter/timer channels with 32-bit up/down pulse event counters; 16-bit periodic timers for last pulse state; and momentary latch alarms for each counter. The modules also have rugged operation features; making them consistent with other Acromag industrial-grade signal transmitters. These features include over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage output protection, as well as a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +70C.

16-channel DC Current Input to Modbus TCP/IP Transmitter with Configurable Integration/totalization Functions: 993EN

For flow meters with 4-20mA current loop output, Acromag’s 993EN-4016 is used. Each channel A/D is 16-bit high-resolution, with a fast 8mS scanning rate of all 16 channels. Sample averaging is software-configurable, as well as scaling registers on all channels, automatic calibration, and a self-test feature. The industrial grade 993EN-4016 is UL/cUL listed, with typical accuracy of 0.05%. In addition, the modules are value-priced for 16-channel energy monitoring Ethernet transmitters.

In short, if you need to extend your flow meter measurements beyond local PLC, as well as add totalization function to the data, call Acromag. Let’s go over your application and discuss how these twin totalizers can provide the information you need.