Signal I/O ~ Precisely Speaking

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales Representative

Problem: Engineering firm requires bi-polar input of +/-6VDC & output dialing down to a precision value of 0 to 3.30VDC.

Acromag makes a wide range of analog signal I/O converter/transmitters. However, while most process, manufacturing and test I/O require standard signals with ranges such as 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 0-5VDC etc.; occasionally an unusual signal input and output requirement comes in. Recently for example, a major process engineering firm required a bi-polar input of +/-6VDC and an output dialing down to a precision value of 0 to 3.30VDC.

Analog signal converter/transmitters of the past incorporated dip switches and multi-turn potentiometers for setup configuration and calibration of precise signal input/output settings. These were a chore, requiring steady hands and nerves of steel. Additionally, drift over time (inherent in even precision analog components), required a cumbersome field calibration routine. Conversely, Acromag has manufactured software-configurable signal I/O transmitters for years now. Our latest dual-channel DTs and SP signal splitter analog signal converter/transmitters have a clean, user-friendly PC Windows® configuration program. The Agility™ config app for Android® mobile devices is so easy even I can do it!

Solution: Acromag DT337

For this custom DCV I/O application, I chose our DT337-0700 DC powered, software configurable dual-channel, isolated DCV input transmitters.

Channel I/O scaling was quick and precise via drop-down range and type-in scaling as can be seen below.

DT337 Precise Signal I/O
Acromag Agility Windows configuration software for the DT series.

With our PC Windows configuration software, I quickly (and simply) type in the -6VDC and +6VDC as the input scale per the dropdown +/-10VDC range. And just as easily per the dropdown 0-5VDC output range, I typed in 0VDC minimum and 3.30VDC maximum output scale proportional to the input scale. Each channel also has a dropdown option for digital filtering, useful on noisy signals; choose None, Low, Medium or High filtering.

The config software allows you to save the file to upload into additional transmitters saving time and assuring settings consistency. As well, Acromag can provide our signal converter/transmitters pre-configured and calibrated as an option with transmitter orders.

Acromag DT & SP configuration software also has a calibration facility. For ease of field diagnostics, (via USB hook-up, you can monitor the DT or SP input signal to determine the signal quality coming from the output of the input transducer.

Whatever your signal I/O conversion needs, look to Acromag! Be it standard process/test signal levels or a challenging custom I/O requirement, you can rely on our isolated analog signal I/O converter/transmitters. With user-friendly, functional configuration/calibration software, your I/O will be set up and running with confidence and in short order.