New XMC FPGA Modules with Write-Protected Configuration Memory for Enhanced Security

New XMC FPGA Modules with Write-Protected Configuration Memory for Enhanced Security

The XMC-7AWP and XMC-7KWP modules, with a user-programmable Xilinx® Artix®-7 or Kintex® 7 FPGA, feature write-protected flash memory to secure the configuration files.

High-speed interfaces are provided for PCIe, 10GbE, LVDS, serial, and other I/O signals.

The XMC-7AWP can load and execute without having to power cycle enabling an application to change the logic executing in the FPGA on the fly.

New Single-Slot, ¾-Length, PCIe Carrier Card Interfaces XMC Mezzanine Modules

New ¾-Length, Single-Slot PCIe Carrier Card Interfaces XMC Mezzanine Module to PC-based Embedded Computer Systems

Acromag’s new APCe8775 card provides power, PCIe bus signals, and cooling air to an XMC mezzanine module for high-performance signal processing in small embedded computer systems.

Acromag’s APCe8775 carrier card offers a simple and cost-effective solution that allows a PC to communicate with an XMC mezzanine module over a PCI Express (PCIe) bus. System developers can insert an Acromag FPGA module or other XMC module on the carrier card to perform a variety of signal processing functions.

Representative of the Month: Trilogic Systems

Trilogic Systems

Trilogic Systems is Acromag’s valued representative servicing Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. They have over 30 years expertise in the embedded computing ecosystem solving mission critical challenges.

They have technical and sales expertise in embedded solutions including FPGAs, processors, and system design. Their sales You can count on them as your trusted partner when selecting the most appropriate architectures and products for your application.

More information is available from their website at

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