New VPX 6U Carrier Cards Host XMC and AcroPack mPCIe I/O Modules Providing Maximum Flexibility for a Mix of Functions

The new Models VPX4520 and VPX4521 6U carrier cards provide mezzanine slots for one XMC and four mini-PCIe or AcroPack I/O modules. The XMC module site can host a network communication, FPGA, GPU, or other I/O signal processor card. The four AcroPack slots provide a rugged PCIe mini card interface for a mix of analog, digital, serial, and other I/O functions.

A PCIe Gen 3 x16 interface connects to the VPX bus either via the data plane or expansion plane. Convection and conduction-cooled versions are available with support for extended temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C. Air-cooled models offer front panel access to the I/O while conduction models route all signals to the rear backplane connectors.

VPX4520: 6U Carrier Card with Expansion Plane    |     VPX4521: 6U Carrier Card with Data Plane

Example Configurations for VPX4520 Series Carriers

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