How to Measure Temperature with High-density Ethernet I/O

An Acromag Solutions Video Application Note

Along with monitoring points for pressure, level, and flow, a chemical manufacturer has up to 500 temperature measurement points; both thermocouple and RTD, scattered throughout their process. Running and maintaining twisted pair wire for them all is too expensive; both initially and in the long term, therefore an ethernet solution is preferred. Another factor to consider is that the number of IP addresses on their network determines their SCADA system license fee. With remote I/O temperature units averaging 4 to 6 channels each, this could also be a costly solution.

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**Correction: Immunity to Shock is 25g and Vibration is 4g.

System Requirements:

  • The company’s Honeywell Experion® SCADA system utilizes Modbus® TCP/IP protocol.
  • Remote I/O will need to be a Modbus server that can accept a mix of both thermocouple and RTD signals.
  • Higher channel density preferred.

Implementing a High-density Ethernet I/O Solution for Temperature Measurement:

Because of their flexibility, Acromag’s BusWorks® NT Series of expandable remote I/O fits perfectly for this application.

  • NT modules are configurable in the field for Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP™ or Profinet® protocols. Additional protocols are coming soon.
  • NTE modules with two Ethernet ports can be populated with either discrete I/O, analog inputs, analog outputs, thermocouple or RTD.
  • A benefit of the NT Series is that you can plug in up to three expansion NTX modules; discrete I/O, analog inputs, analog outputs, thermocouple or RTD, in any combination.
  • Thermocouple units have eight input channels.
  • RTD units have four input channels.

For example; if at one point of the process, pairing one NTE2611-1111 with two NTX2611-0011, in addition to one NTX2621-0011, there would be 24 thermocouple channels and 4 RTD channels on a single IP address.

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NTE2611-1111: Ethernet I/O module with dual RJ45 ports, 8 thermocouple/mV inputs and 2 discrete I/O

NTX2611-0011: Expansion I/O module with 8 thermocouple/mV inputs and 2 discrete I/O

NTX2621-0011: Expansion I/O module with 4 RTD/resistance inputs and 2 discrete sinking I/O

Why Acromag?

The BusWorks NT Series has built-in web pages for easy configuration and testing, therefore saving money on extra hardware and/or software. The flexibility to add on expansion units of any type of I/O allows a unique solution at each location. NT modules are also built for use in rugged environments; up 20g shock, 4g vibration and extreme temperatures, as well as hazardous locations.

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