Low-cost Inside Box Temperature Sensor Application

ST132-0610 Thermocouple/milliVolt Input 2-Wire Transmitter

Low-cost Inside Box Temperature Sensor Application

If you need a simple way to monitor temperatures inside an enclosure, Acromag’s ST132-0610 temperature transmitter is compact, inexpensive, and provides a loop-powered 4-20mA output. The tiny, puck-style unit is only 1.75 inches in diameter and easily scaled for -40 to 80°C input.

Just mount the transmitter inside your panel and jumper-short the input terminals to measure ambient temperature without a sensor. Then wire the 4-20mA output to your PLC, DCS, controller, or recorder. You now have a low-cost box temperature sensor with 4-20mA output proportional to -40 to 80°C inside the box. No thermocouple or other sensor is necessary.

This approach uses the internal cold-junction compensation sensor within the ST132 transmitter as the ambient temperature sensor. The ST132 is highly accurate, stable, and best of all, low-cost!

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