IP230A-8E and PMC230A-8E End of Life Notice

Important Field Notice

Change in Status for the IP230A-8E and PMC230A-8E Cards.

By Russ Nieves, Vice President of Sales | January 5, 2018

Due to ongoing obsolescence of components used on these products, Acromag has elected to End-Of-Life these products. Please consider this official field notification that Acromag is discontinuing the sale of the IP230A-8E and PMC230A-8E cards due to EOL parts. They are still available in non-extended temperature versions and are designated as IP230A-8 and PMC230A-8 cards.

Acromag will maintain sufficient components to repair these products for the foreseeable future. This notification does not alter any current purchase orders.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact us.


Russ Nieves

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