I/O design with minimal height restrictions? We have the answer

Design change requires machine builder to go low on the I/O limbo.

By Mike, Acromag Inside Technical Sales Representative
Dual Alarm/Transmitter uBT-P-2, perfect for I/O designs with minimal height restrictions.

A custom machine building company came to me regarding an I/O design change dilemma. They needed to add two thermocouple input to 4-20mA output channels to their already stuffed controls box; and had minimal height for I/O. Our standard DIN rail mount transmitters were too tall. However, our low profile microBlox series uBTA-P-2 two-channel transmitter module with uB47-B TC input signal conditioners were perfect — They came in under the limbo bar at a “how low can you go,” 2.8 inches!

The profile is low, but the features are not on Acromag’s uBTA-P single or dual channel transmitter modules. These are software configurable for 4-20mA or 0-5VDC outputs and host a wide range of microBlox input signal conditioner types. And speaking of low & high, uBTA-P includes limit alarms function with either mechanical or SS relays; all configurable via our free Agility app for Android or Apple iOS mobile devices.

So, the next time your crowded control box or a design change requires you to do the I/O limbo, clear the bar by contacting an Acromag sales representative today! 800-882-2055