How to Use Wireless Remote I/O Cost-Effectively

An Acromag Solutions Video Application Note

A wastewater treatment facility needs a cost-effective wireless remote I/O solution to bring measurements for water level, turbidity, PH, temperature, and phosphates back to their SCADA control room. The SCADA system can accept analog and discrete inputs as well as Modbus® RTU and Modbus TCP/IP. They have sensors for these measurements that output 4 to 20mA but local ordinances won’t allow overhead wiring. This would mean running wires underground, which is costly; especially since they need to cross a parking lot in this case.

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System Requirements:

This remote I/O must be able to transmit five analog current signals wirelessly, as well as be cost-effective.

Implementing a Wireless I/O Solution:

  1. The Vertu® VWB2201: a simple point-to-point wireless bridge that has one channel of analog current or voltage input, one channel of analog current output, and four discrete I/O, as well as Modbus RTU with RS-485 Modbus pass-through communication.
  2. The 913MB-0900: 4-channel current input module that’s a Modbus RTU slave.
  3. The VWB2201 has a primary unit and secondary unit. It’s important to note that the primary unit must be connected to the network that has the Modbus RTU Master controller.

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VWB2201: Vertu Point-to-Point Wireless Analog and Digital I/O Signal Bridge

913MB-0900: Modbus RTU analog DC current input module; four current input channels

Why Acromag for this I/O Solution:

Pairing the VWB2201 with the 913MB-0900 allows the customer to add the data points they need without the added expense of unnecessary equipment and installation costs. The added benefit of four channels of discrete I/O can also be used for control or alarms. Acromag has additional Modbus RTU units for analog or discrete inputs and outputs, as well as temperature and pulse/frequency input units, so more data points can be added when needed.

Rugged & Cost-effective

VWB2000 wireless transceivers are housed in a rugged, IP68, NEMA 4X painted aluminum enclosure. These are a smart, cost-effective solution for interfacing I/O signals across long distances in a harsh industrial environment. Eliminate the expense and hassles of hard-wiring your instrumentation throughout your facility or across a field. The system has a range of 500 feet indoors at industrial environments, and an outside line-of-sight range of one mile. Both the installation guide and manual offer tips to optimize performance. Certain factors, such as physical obstacles and improper placement, can reduce transmission distances.

The VWB2000 is designed for fast and simple setup; requiring only a few pushes of the front panel buttons. Using Acromag’s free VWB configuration software enables more advanced capabilities when connecting a PC to the unit’s USB port. Additionally, advanced settings include encryption and analog signal calibration.