High-density COM Express Solutions: ARCX1100

ARCX1100: Built on a COM Express Type 10 Platform Featuring the ACEX4040 Carrier Card

High-Density COM Express Solutions Acromag ARCX1100

Typical applications of this high-density COM express embedded computer include deployable systems such as vetronics, C4ISR, payload management, as well as command and control for drones and robotics.

The ACEX4040 carrier cards feature an Intel® Atom Processor and the ability to interface with up to four AcroPack® modules. Additionally, the modules support different I/O needs from digital I/O, to analog I/O, to communications (RS422/485, CAN bus, 1553, Ethernet), to FPGA modules. These FPGA modules are programmable to support diverse custom interfaces and custom protocols. Once the ACEX4040 carrier card is enclosed in a deployable enclosure, it becomes the ARCX1100. A removable drive is also available.

The ACEX4040 carrier card and the ARCX1100 support Acromag’s AcroPack I/O modules. AcroPack modules are based on mini-PCIe and feature: digital I/O, analog I/O, timers/counters, FPGAs, and a variety of communications options including CAN bus, 1553, serial (RS232/422/485), extra Ethernets, and more. Many custom communications applications have been implemented on AcroPack FPGA modules, including CameraLink, and Synchronous Serial.

AcroPack is based on mini-PCIe. However, it was extended an additional 19mm to accommodate a 100 pin Samtec connector. Consequently, it routes all I/O signals directly into the carrier card for the module. Standard mini-PCIe modules usually have either a connector or signal connections coming from the module; Acromag wanted to make the routing of those signals clean and direct to external connectors. AcroPack sites will accommodate standard mini-PCIe modules for those features Acromag does not yet have in the AcroPack line.

A Powerful Embedded SFF Computing Platform Featuring an Intel® i7 COM Express Type 6 Processor

A Powerful Embedded SFF Computing Platform Featuring an Intel® i7 COM Express Type 6 Processor

The ARCX4000 supports PMC, XMC, and AcroPack Modules. The smaller unit supports up to 1x PMC or XMC module or up to 2x AcroPack modules. The larger unit will support up to 2x PMC or XMC modules or up to 4x AcroPack modules. The design meets full military compliance with 38999 connections. Additionally, a removable drive is available.

PMC and XMC module support brings a whole new level of capability to the ARCX family of products. Acromag has an extensive line of high-performance PMC and XMC FPGA modules. The most popular are the Xilinx® Artix® and Kintex® families. Acromag’s FPGA modules work in conjunction with the system processor to perform; video capture, targeting, and communications protocols, as well as custom high-speed interfaces without burdening the system processor. The ARCX4000 Series product has been available for several years and has found homes on battleships, the global hawk, many aircraft, and many land vehicles.