High DC Voltage Input 4-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter

DT338 Video: High DC Voltage Input, Four-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter

The DT338 model is a four-wire dual channel transmitter that isolates and converts high-level DC voltage inputs to proportional control signals. Each channel supports DC current or voltage output. Advanced signal processing capabilities, variable range input/output, and convenient USB programming make this instrument very versatile.

Click on the video below to learn more about the DT338 in brief.

These modules have two independent signal conditioning channels in one 17.5mm wide unit; therefore, you can achieve significant savings compared to using multiple single-channel transmitters. A signal splitter mode lets one input drive both outputs. High-voltage isolation separates inputs, outputs, and power from each other. Isolation protects from surges, reduces noise, and eliminates ground loop errors. Additionally, hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and a wide operating temperature range make DT338 transmitters ideal for use in harsh environments. They feature RFI, EMI, ESD, EFT, and surge protection plus low radiated emissions. An optional DIN rail bus can deliver primary or redundant power to multiple units.

Setup and calibration are fast and easy due to a convenient USB connection to your PC and Acromag’s Windows® configuration software. The tethered Agility™ Android app enables setup with mobile devices.

More Features of the DT338 High DC Voltage Input, Four-wire Dual Channel Transmitter

  • Selectable high voltage input ranges: ±15V, ±75V, ±150V, 0-15V, 0-75V, 0-150V DC
  • Selectable current and voltage output ranges: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, ±5V, ±10V, 0-5V, 0-10V DC
  • USB-programmable (allows easy selection of options that is not possible with pots or jumpers)
  • Thin, 17.5mm (0.7 inch) design with pluggable terminals for convenient wiring; as a result, saves space and reduces costs 
  • Versatile due to signal splitter capability
  • Selectable filtering levels (none, low, med., high)
  • Configurable output clamp levels (NAMUR)
  • Simplified wiring tasks, as a result of removable, front-facing terminal blocks
  • Rail power bus and redundancy
  • Supports sink/source wiring
  • Wide ambient temperature range, therefore ensuring a reliable performance from -40 to 70° C operation
  • Easy configuration due to USB with Windows software or Agility app for Android
  • Hazloc approvals UL C1D2, ATEX/IECEx Zone2

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