Expansion Solution: Dual-channel Transmitter for Environmental Test Lab at Automotive Supplier

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales Representative

Expansion Solution: DT333 Dual-channel Transmitter

DT330 Dual-Channel Transmitter

An environmental test lab at a major automotive supplier needed a thermocouple input transmitter that would allow for channel expansion and double as a pressure sensor input transmitter. Acromag DT333-0700 TC/mV input, dual-channel signal converter transmitter filled the needs and then some.

DT333-0700 is easily configured and calibrated for most all TC input types and 4-20mA or +/-10VDC outputs scaled independently per channel with digital filtering, CJC, and lead break detection. The +/-100mVDC input extends use for pressure transmitters. Connect up via USB with Acromag’s free PC Windows config software or Android app to monitor input signal for diagnostics.

And talk about flexibility, the DT333-0700 can be set up as a single-channel or dual-channel transmitter, or as a TC/mV input signal splitter (1-input to 2-mA/DCV outputs). And with Acromag’s bus-rail power feature, multiple DT330 series transmitters are powered off of one DCV power connection.

So take the pressure off your temperature measurements with Acromag’s DT333-0700 software configurable TC/mV input transmitters!