Potentiometer Input Signal Splitter

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales

Customer called needing a potentiometer input signal splitter

I/O Brief ~ Customer called needing a potentiometer input signal splitter with dual 0-10V DC outputs. Acromag DT335-0700 to the rescue!

DT330 Series Transmitter
DT330 Series Module

DT335-0700 is a versatile RTD/Resistance input dual-channel transmitter/splitter easily configured and calibrated with our free PC Windows software or our free Agility app for Android mobile devices. The software also allows user to monitor the input signal for system setup and filed diagnostics needs.

For RTD input, the DT335-0700 input type includes Platinum 100 ohm, 200, 500 & 1000 ohm as well as Nickle 120 ohm and copper 10 ohm. Five resistance input ranges from 250 ohm to 4500 ohm cover a wide rang of potentiometer types. Outputs can be set for dual DCV or 4-20mA or a mix of each.

DT335-0700 DC powered transmitter features Acromag’s bus-rail power connectors allowing multiple transmitters to be powered off one DCV power connection saving wiring time and allows for redundant power for critical circuits.

For your potentiometer or RTD transmitter/splitter applications, don’t “resist” contacting Acromag now!