The engineering development system is an engineering development board and an ACEX-4610-LF or ACEX-4620-LF COM Express® carrier board mounted to a metal baseplate. To ensure proper air circulation two fans are mounted to the baseplate forcing air across the one/two XMC/PMC sites. The development board allows access to all signals delivered from the carrier card’s Samtec® SEARAY™ high-density connectors through to the I/O breakout board connectors. The breakout board provides all standard peripheral I/O from the CPU, I/O expansion modules, and accommodates two SSD devices for program storage. The I/O breakout board has two power supply connections for a choice of the included 24V DC (160W) brick-type power supply or your own external power adapter.

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    ACEX-4600-DLS: COM Express Type 6 Development Systems

    For easier testing and development, Acromag offers an engineering development system to streamline your COM Express® system for fast field deployment.
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    ACEX-4600: COM Express Type 6 Carrier Cards

    • ACEX-4610: Single-width with one XMC/PMC site and two Mini PCIe sites
    • ACEX-4620: Double-width with two XMC/PMC sites and two Mini PCIe sites
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    XCOM-6400: Rugged Intel® Core™ i7/i5 CPU

    • Type 6 basic format
    • 4th Gen i7/i5 (Haswell) processor
    • Programmable CPU
    • Up to 16GB removable memory
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