Acromag’s Ethernet Remote I/O Modules Add Profinet Communication

Expandable Ethernet I/O modules now support three field-selectable protocols for networks using Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP.

Acromag’s Ethernet Remote I/O Modules Add Profinet Communication

Acromag’s new BusWorks® NT series remote I/O modules are now enhanced with Profinet support. Profinet is traditional Ethernet combined with an industrial application layer protocol targeted to industrial automation. Applications for these high-performance Ethernet I/O modules are remote monitoring and control, factory automation, process instrumentation, predictive maintenance, HVAC/energy management, motion control, and more.

These modules were tested at the PROFI Interface Center and received a certificate of conformance to the Profinet standards from the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation. The certification ensures interoperability across vendors and systems.

NTE Ethernet I/O models have dual RJ45 ports and a webserver for monitoring or controlling its I/O channels interfacing sensors or actuators with system controllers. The communication protocol is field-configurable for Profinet, Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP communication. Each I/O module offers up to 16 input or output signals for voltage, current, temperature, TTL, and relay control signals. An integrated DIN rail bus enables connection of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules, supporting 64 channels with a mix of I/O functions networked on a single IP address. NTE Ethernet I/O modules distribute 9-32V DC power along the DIN rail bus to NTX expansion modules. The space-saving design requires only 25mm of DIN rail per module. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and -40 to 70°C operation make this I/O ideal for use in harsh environments.

“NT Series Ethernet I/O modules are user-configurable for Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus/TCP, offering a convenient solution for monitoring remote equipment across multi-protocol control systems,” states Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager.

The NT2000 Series offers a broad variety of I/O signal processing options. Fifteen I/O configurations are available as either NTE Ethernet I/O or NTX expansion I/O models. Analog I/O models feature eight differential or sixteen single-ended inputs for monitoring current or voltage signals. Analog output modules drive eight channels of process current or voltage signals to control various field devices. Discrete I/O models provide 16 tandem input/output channels with either active high/low input and sinking/sourcing output. A six-channel mechanical relay output model is also available. For temperature monitoring, thermocouple and RTD input models support many sensor types, as well as resistance and millivolt ranges. More models will release over the coming months for additional I/O functions.

Each module will support all three industrial Ethernet protocols which are selectable using any web browser to configure the network settings and I/O operation. The modules typically function as a network server, but also offer Acromag’s i2o® peer-to-peer communication technology to transfer data between modules directly or multicast without a host or master in between. Conditional logic capabilities let users control operations with IF/THEN/ELSE statements.

Acromag, a mid-sized international corporation, has been developing and manufacturing measurement and control products for more than 60 years. They offer a complete line of industrial I/O products including process instruments, signal conditioning equipment, data acquisition boards, distributed I/O systems, and communication devices.

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