Acromag Solutions:

FPGA Modules       |        I/O Modules and Carriers        |        Small Form Factor Embedded Computers        |        Single Board Computers


  • High-speed signal generation
  • High-speed sampling
  • High-speed density
  • Platform flexibility
  • Simple integration

Platform Flexibility

  • Support for all popular platforms (VME, VPX, PCI, PCIe, cPCI, cPCI Serial)
  • Carrier cards available to maximize signal density
  • Cables and termination panels available to simply wiring

Easy Integration with OS Flexibility

Connect hardware to the unit under test

  1. Choose operating system (Windows®, Linux®, VxWorks®)
  2. Load module drivers
  3. Customize application
  4. Deploy

Acromag operating system support facilitates out-of-the-box basic I/O module operation permitting test of the: OS Interface, interrupts, reading inputs, writing outputs, DMA transfers.

What remains is the application logic, your value add.