I’m using Acromag’s EtherStax and some BusWorks Ethernet Modules and can’t seem to view the Test Page with my browser. I can ping the device and am able to view the Network Configuration Page plus some other pages. What can I do?

Answer: Acromag’s EtherStax products and select BusWorks Ethernet Modules use Java for the Test Pages (and other select pages).  First, check to see if you have Java installed on your computer. Go to Add/Remove Programs to see if Java is installed.  If Java is installed, check to see if it’s enabled thru your browser (ie; Internet Explorer 8) by doing the following.  On the top Tool Bar, click on: Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level.  Then, scroll down to find Java VM / Java permissions.  Click on any setting, except Disable Java, to restore the Test Page.  If you still have problems, you may have a firewall or anti virus security protection that is also blocking things.  Here's a good website to test if your Java is working okay:  http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml