ST130 Series Low-Cost Transmitters

Miniature Two-Wire Transmitters with Full-Size Performance.

ST130 Series

Despite their tiny size and economical price tag, ST130 units are full-featured. By leveraging the latest signal conditioning technologies, these transmitters are able to provide a performance level and feature set previously unavailable in a unit of this size and price.

High Performance Temperature Sensor Signal Conditioners

• Thermocouple (J,K,T,R,S,E,B,N), Pt RTD, ±100mV, or 0-100 ohm input
• High Accuracy and Linearity with Low-Drift 4-20mA output
• Fast and Easy Software Configuration via USB Connection

Advanced Technology in a Rugged Design

• New microcontrollers and ASICs minimize conversion errors
• Fast response and flexible input/output ranges
• No messing with adjustment pots, switches, or pushbuttons
• High immunity to surges, electrical noise, shock, and vibration
• -40 to 80°C operation

ST131 RTD input

ST131 RTD Input


ST132 Thermocouple input

ST132 Thermocouple Input

ST133 Isolated Thermocouple input

ST133 Isolated Thermocouple Input

Mounting for Low-Cost Transmitters



Software for the Low-Cost Transmitters


USB isolator to use with the ST130s

USB Isolator

White Paper

White Paper: Introduction to
2-Wire Transmitters and
4-20mA Loops


White Paper

White Paper: Thermocouple Temperature Measurement

Download Product Summary Guide

Download the
Product Summary Guide

RTD Transmitter Video explains transmitter calibration

Calibrate the ST131
RTD Transmitter

How to Configure a USB TC/Mv Transmitter Video

Calibrate the ST132 and ST133
Thermocouple/Millivolt Transmitters


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