Product Overview

Acromag Product Overview


Embedded Computing

(Xembedded processor boards, hard drives, RAID controllers )

VPX Single Board Computers  |  VME Single Board Computers  |  Mass Storage   |  Networking and Gigabit Ethernet

FPGA Modules

(re-configurable computing modules for co-processor applications)

IndustryPack FPGA Modules  |  PMC FPGA Modules  |  XMC FPGA Modules  |  VPX FPGA Modules  |  Carrier Cards


Embedded I/O Boards

(analog I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, counter/timers, carrier cards)

IndustryPack I/O Modules  |  PMC I/O Modules  |  PCI I/O Boards  |  CompactPCI I/O Boards  |  VME I/O Boards  | Carrier Cards

Embedded Systems

(COM Express, small form factor computers, rugged PCs)

COM Express Intel CPU Module  | COM Express Carrier Cards  |  Industrial PCs


Ethernet and Network I/O

(remote analog and discrete I/O modules for distributed monitoring and control)

Ethernet I/O Modules  |  Modbus I/O Modules  | Profibus I/O Modules  |  HART I/O Modules  |  Network Repeaters


Current Loop Isolators and Splitters

(eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise, suppress surges, retransmit signals)

4-20mA Isolators  |  4-20mA Splitters  |  USB Isolators


Signal Conditioners

(isolate, amplify, filter, condition, and convert measured signals)

Transmitters and Converters  |  Limit Alarms  | Math/Computation  |  Panel Meters  | 8B I/O Modules  |  Metal Testers


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