Privacy Policy

Electronic Storage of Customer Information

All data submitted on this site is retained for the sole use of Acromag, Inc. Information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email address are stored for the purposes of identifying customer accounts in the event that customer service actions need to be performed. This information is stored on secure equipment in a secure location that is free of outside access

Distribution of Customer Records

Acromag, Inc. does not intend to sell or distribute individual information gathered on this site, including but not limited to personal information, credit card information, demographic information, or information pertaining to the purchasing habits of individual customers.

Use of Customer Email Addresses

Customer email addresses are retained as a method of contact between the customer and Acromag, Inc. Acromag will not sell or distribute your email address to an outside party. Unsolicited emails may be sent from Acromag, Inc. to an individual or a group of customers, but only email that pertains to Acromag, Inc., it's products, services, or other matters of obvious concern to the customer. While these emails may be sent in bulk, other customers will not be able to learn the email addresses of the other people receiving the email.

Online Shopping (E-Commerce)

Acromag respects your privacy and promises safe and secure shopping. Acromag uses Geotrust 256-bit SSL Encryption for the safest transactions over the internet. We do not share your personal information with other parties except where necessary to process your order (e.g. the bank, shipper, etc.).

Credit Card Processing