New! 10GbE Interface XMC Modules

New! 10GbE Interface XMC Modules

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These 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface XMC modules take advantage of an ASIC-based TCP/IP offload engine to relieve your CPU for ultra-high performance. They manage data flow and ensure reliability with low latency, even under high loads.

Complete Rugged COM Express System

Complete Rugged COM Express System

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Our line of COM Express Type 6 products provides an integrated solution for more extreme processing, withstanding harsh shock/vibration environments plus conduction cooling. See the complete package for rugged small form factor computing.


Acromag Celebrates 50 Years

The year 2007 was a great milestone for Acromag; it was our 50th Anniversary.

Acromag's vision began in 1957 with our founder Henry Patton, a pioneer in the development of solid-state magnetic amplifiers. Through the decades, Acromag has continued with new concepts and ideas for a constant state of improvement. Today Acromag is a multi-million dollar international company serving manufacturing, military, transportation, utilities, and scientific research industries.

Process Instrumentation Innovations
1960s - Acromag designed and manufactured temperature transmitters and thermo-electric metal testers
1970s - Rack-mount I/O systems and field-mount transmitters
1980s - Remote data acquisition systems
1990s - µP-based signal conditioners
2000s - Distributed I/O
2010s - USB-configured instruments

Embedded Bus Board Innovations
1980s - Exorbus and VMEbus I/O Boards
1990s - Industry Pack modules and carrier cards
2000s - PMC modules, PCI and CompactPCI I/O boards, reconfigurable FPGA modules
2010s - XMC modules, VPX boards, industrial PCs

50th Anniversary Timeline Poster
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Please note that Acromag will be closed for the Holidays on Dec. 24-26 and Jan. 1&2.

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