FPGA Boards

Reconfigurable FPGA Boards

Acromag’s high-performance VPX, XMC, and PMC FPGA modules feature a user-customizable Xilinx Virtex-5 or Spartan-6 FPGA. These modules allow you to develop and store your own instruction sets in the FPGA for a variety of adaptive computing applications. Select from several models with up to 155K logic cells optimized for logic, DSP, or PowerPC. The DDR2 SDRAM and a PCI Express interface rapidly move data.

Although there is no limit to the uses for Acromag’s FPGA I/O boards, several applications are ideal for this new technology. Common uses include sonar, radar, hardware simulation, automated test equipment, protocol conversion, in-circuit diagnostics, military servers, telecommunication, and digital signal processing. Typical applications for conduction-cooled models include manned and unmanned vehicles, battleground SIGINT and communications systems, deployment on tanks, or any system where ambient or forced air can’t provide adequate cooling.

An FPGA engineering design kit and software utilities with examples simplify your programming and get you started quickly. A JTAG interface enables on-board VHDL simulation.

FPGA boards

Video about FPGA boards for embedded control systems

Video: Learn about Embedded System Design using FPGA Modules



XMC FPGA modules
XMC FPGA Modules


PMC FPGA Modules
PMC FPGA Modules


IP FPGA Modules

IP FPGA Modules


Industrial PC - I/O Server

Industrial PCs


VPX Carriers

VPX Carriers

White Paper
White Paper:
Introduction to VPX

White Paper
White Paper:
7 Questions to Ask
About VPX Compatibility

FPGA Brochure
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FPGA Solutions Guide

White Paper
White Paper:
A Primer on FPGA-based
DSP Applications


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Acromag Embedded I/O Board Solutions
Acromag also offers I/O boards and mezzanine modules that are ideal for embedded computer and high-performance control systems. Select from PCI, CompactPCI, VME, Industry Pack and PMC cards to perform a broad range of analog, digital, counter/timer and serial I/O functions. 

♦  PMC I/O Modules

♦  Industry Pack I/O Modules

♦  PCI I/O Boards

♦  CompactPCI I/O Boards

Acromag Industrial PC Solutions
These rugged, I/O Server Industrial PCs have a fanless design that delivers high-reliability operation. Four plug-in I/O module slots provide an easy, low-cost interface to field instrumentation.

♦  Intel Atom CPU

♦  Plug-in I/O Modules


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