Complete Rugged COM Express System

Complete Rugged COM Express System

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Our line of COM Express Type 6 products provides an integrated solution for more extreme processing, withstanding harsh shock/vibration environments plus conduction cooling. See the complete package for rugged small form factor computing.

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Non-intelligent carrier card

• 4-lane PCI Express interface
• Holds one PMC module

Acromag’s APCe8670 carrier card interfaces a PMC mezzanine module to a PCI Express bus in a PC-based desktop computer system.

The APCe8670 is a PCIe bus adapter board that allows a PC (PCIe bus master) to control and communicate with the hosted PMC module. It simply acts as an adapter to route signals between the system’s PCIe bus and the PMC module connectors.


  • One PMC module slot
  • 4-lane PCI Express interface
  • PCI-X interface supports 32/64-bit addressing, 32/64-bit data bus at up to 100MHz operation
  • Carrier routes 32 differential pairs to rear connector for LVDS I/O from the PMC module
  • JTAG connector supports Xilinx programmer for use with hosted FPGA modules
  • Cooling fan
  • Auxilliary power connection for 12V source
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate communication speed

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PCI Express carrier card for PMC modules


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