New! USB-Configured High-Density Ethernet I/O

New! USB-Configured High-Density Ethernet I/O

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The BusWorks XT series of Ethernet I/O modules support Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and i2o peer-to-peer communication protocols. They monitor and/or control up to 16 discrete or analog devices per unit with a variety of inputs and outputs supported.

Discrete Logic Input and Relay Output Modules

  • XTA-MRNO-6:
    Mechanical relay output modules
  • XTA-120V-6:
    Logic level input modules

The XTA-MRNO-6 is an interposing relay module with six digital inputs and six mechanical relay outputs. It is intended for use with BusWorks XT Series discrete I/O or other digital output modules for the purpose of driving high energy loads. This module serves as an interim digital interface to switch high voltage devices at high currents based on digital logic inputs. Each pair of output contacts are individually isolated.

The XTA-120V-6 module provides six individually isolated 120V AC/DC digital (discrete) inputs to sense on/off levels and drive open-drain outputs. Each channel senses the status from proximity switches, limit switches, toggle switches, push buttons, contacts, and other solid-state logic devices.

Interposing Relay Module Features

  • Input ranges: 4-32V digital logic
  • Output ranges: relays drive up to 250V AC / 30V DC at 5A
  • Six buffered digital logic inputs with Six mechanical relay outputs
  • Normally open, sealed, Form A 5A mechanical relay contacts (SPST-NO)

Optocoupler Module Features

  • Input ranges: 0-130V RMS, 130V DC
  • Output ranges: Open-Drain with 1K Ohm pull-up to +5.3V DC; 0-32V DC Maximum, 150mA sink
  • Six high-level voltage input channels
  • Six logic-level oputput channels
    (open-drain, low-side switches)

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6-channel mechanical relay output module


6-channel 120V AC/DC discrete input module with 5V DC logic outputs


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