Network Repeaters

Acromag’s RS-485 network repeater is designed for Johnson Controls' N2 and BACnet MS/TP bus. This device allows users to take full advantage of the RS-485 standard’s extended communication distances and multi-dropping capabilities. In addition, these devices offer field selectable End-of-Line Network (EOLN) terminations on both the A and B networks.

Operation is transparent to all devices and no handshaking is required. Up to thirty-two RS-485 devices can be driven. Network repeaters are ready to mount on any base plate. Or, for a harsh environment, it can be installed in a NEMA enclosure of your choice. No enclosure is necessary for use in a laboratory or office. Installation requires mounting, connecting power and cables, and setting the baud rate.


•  No handshaking.
•  No extra control lines.
•  I/O signal isolation.
•  Baud rates of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, and 38.4K are switch selectable.
•  Field-selectable end-of-line network terminations on both A and B sides.
•  Electrical transient protection shields host computer from destructive noise spikes and harmful signals.
•  Status LED’s indicate transmission direction, RS-485 bus fault conditions, and power applied.
•  115V and 230V AC power models available.

  • RS-485 Repeater
  • RS-485 Repeater

  • This network repeater is designed for an N2 and BACnet bus. It isolates and boosts RS-485 signals up to another 4000 ft. Each repeater permits addition of another 32-unit load to ...
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