New! USB-Configured High-Density Ethernet I/O

New! USB-Configured High-Density Ethernet I/O

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The BusWorks XT series of Ethernet I/O modules support Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and i2o peer-to-peer communication protocols. They monitor and/or control up to 16 discrete or analog devices per unit with a variety of inputs and outputs supported.

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Thermoelectric Metal Tester Alloy Sorter

• Sorts alloy scrap
• Verifies parts in receiving Inspection for proper alloys
• Checks critical welds for location and material
• Detects presence of coatings on conductive alloys

Acromag’s Model 1101-C Thermoelectric Metal Tester Alloy Sorter saves valuable time and helps prevent costly mistakes in mixed-up stock, parts, and heat-treat. It is a low-cost way to help sort expensive alloy scrap, verify precision machined parts in receiving inspection, and check welds. The 1101-C can also be used to detect the presence of insulated coatings on conductive materials.


• Can test each part in less than 5 seconds

• Hot probe reaches required operating temperature in less than five minutes

• Non-destructive test can be used on precision bearing surfaces

• High-resolution meter:

   Range A: 5mV full-scale

   Range B: 1mV full-scale

   Range C: -1mV full-scale

   Range D: -5mV full-scale

• Easy-to-use

• Lightweight

• Stable readings

• Uses 115V AC, 60Hz wall outlet

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Thermoelectric metal tester, includes plate and probe.


Thermoelectric metal tester cold plate replacement.


Thermoelectric metal tester hot probe replacement.