VxWorks Libraries

• VxWorks function libraries for PMC I/O modules/carriers

• Customizable for other operating systems.                                     

Application Programming Interface (API)
Acromag's software development tools greatly simplify the interface between the I/O boards and your application program. Libraries provide easy-to-use C function routines that quickly integrate with your application. The C functions are ready for use “as-is,” but they are also easily customized for your unique application.


  • Easy installation procedure 
  • Readme files with step-by-step instructions
  • Demonstration program to exercise the software and I/O board before attaching your application
  • API easily convertible for any operating system
  • Targeted support for PowerPC® and x86 series CPUs
  • Supports any CPU target with quick modification

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VxWorks® function libraries software for PMC, PCI, and cPCI products, CF ROM