Complete Rugged COM Express System

Complete Rugged COM Express System

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Our line of COM Express Type 6 products provides an integrated solution for more extreme processing, withstanding harsh shock/vibration environments plus conduction cooling. See the complete package for rugged small form factor computing.

New! Rugged Customizable SFF Mission Computer with Intel Multi-Core CPU

New! Rugged Customizable SFF Mission Computer with Intel Multi-Core CPU

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New customizable-off-the-shelf mission computer is a rugged deployable, conduction-cooled sff computer and is designed specifically for military/aerospace systems. The ARCX box, a rugged small form factor mission computer with unique expandable features that include PMC, XMC, mini PCIe, mSATA module slots, optional front I/O panel, and secondary connectors.


DLL Driver and Demonstration Software for Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP

• Support for PMC, PCI, and CompactPCI boards                                                                 

Application Programming Interface (API)
Acromag’s software development tools greatly simplify the interface between the I/O boards and your Windows-based application program. This package provides DLL driver level support for Acromag’s complete line of PMC, XMC, PCI and cPCI products. In addition, “C” source demonstration programs provide easy-to-use tools to test the operation of the module.

Note: Does not support PMC-CX or PMC-AX Virtex-II boards.

• Easy installation procedure

• Help files with step-by-step instructions

• Support for all Acromag PMC, XMC, PCI, and CompactPCI boards except forPMC-CX or PMC-AX Virtex-II boards

• Support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems

• Demonstration Program

• Driver level support for desktop and embedded Windows level programming environments

• Compatible with Windows Embedded Standard applications

• Verifies operation of your I/O boards with a demonstration program to ensure proper hardeare performance before attaching your application.

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32 and 64-bit Windows driver software package with DLLs and demonstration programs for PMC, XMC, PCI, and cPCI products. Supplied on CD-ROM.