New! 10GbE Interface XMC Modules

New! 10GbE Interface XMC Modules

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These 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface XMC modules take advantage of an ASIC-based TCP/IP offload engine to relieve your CPU for ultra-high performance. They manage data flow and ensure reliability with low latency, even under high loads.

COM Express Rugged Type 6 Modules and Carrier Cards

COM Express Rugged Type 6 Modules and Carrier Cards

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Rugged COM Express Type 6 modules and carriers have thicker circuit boards to resist flex, industrial grade components, advanced heat management technologies, and an operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

Linux Libraries (download only)

• Application programming interface with function routines

• For CompactPCI, PCI, and PMC

• Includes C source code

• Download at no charge

Application Programming Interface (API)
Acromag's software development tools greatly simplify the interface between the I/O boards and your software application program. The Linux libraries are supplied as “C”source code. These libraries provide easy-to-use function routines that quickly integrate with your application. Function routines are ready for use “as-is,” but they are also easily customized for your unique application.

• Easy installation procedure

• Readme files with step-by-step instructions

• Programming tools for most Acromag I/O boards (excludes serial I/O and VME products)

• Demonstration Program

• Downloadable at no charge from the Acromag web site

• Source code provided to ensure maximum flexibility in implementing your driver

• Verify operation of your I/O modules and carrier cards with a demonstration program to ensure proper hardware operation before attaching your application

Linux Libraries Example Package (IP, PCI, cPCI) - PCISW-API-LINUX

  • Red Hat Fedora 18
    Kernel 3.6.10-4
    Acromag # 9500257, Rev. Z

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Linux example libraries for PCI, CompactPCI, and PMC modules. At checkout, select "Purchase Order" payment method and enter PO# = "FREE". 


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